Since our establishment, Khang Giang Co, Ltd has originated our construction business from earth moving works by constructing sea dikes along MeKong Delta provinces. Besides, with dense network of rivers and canals, there are always demand of maitenance dredging in these navigational waterways. To embrance this market we have focused on equipping specially dredging fleet of cutter suction dredgers.
After more than 20 years of establishment, KGCL has diversified our business into other fields of watercourse construction ( bank protection revetment, hydraulic constructional part manufacture, hydraulic gate construction...) but maintained our core business of dredging and reclamation.

My Thanh - Phu Huu Dyke construction in Soc Trang Province

- Build My Thanh - Phu huu dyke in Soc Trang Province to stabilize protection of residential areas: creating dike body, pumping sand and build rural road traffic.

Reclaiming Residential area at the rear end of Vinh Te Canal

 Package 5 of project which reclaim residential area at the end of Vinh Te canal.

Electricity - Gas - Fertilizer Plant Construction in Ca Mau

- Package 7.1 , sub-project of Electricity - Gas - Fertilizer Plant construction Project, to reclaim the plant's ground.

The MeKong Delta Infrastructure Development Project

Employer : Project " Nguyen Van Tiep Channel" is on Mekong Delta infrastructure development project.This sub project is to expand the Nguyen Van Tiep canal over 63.5 Km by dredging, carry out bank protection and frontage road. The channel is across Tien Giang and Dong Thap province.

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